The Centre for Research into Electrical Energy Storage & Applications (CREESA) is one of the UK’s leading research centres on all aspects of electrical energy storage. It includes the unique £4.8m Battery Energy Storage Demonstrator – a 2MW grid connected research facility utilising a lithium titanate battery.

This facility is the UKs only research-led large scale energy storage test facility with 1200 sqm of land and an 11kV connection with capacity of 4.1MW at a remote site. The flagship project on the site is a £3.8m lithium titanate 2MW / 1MWh grid connected energy storage demonstrator, built and commissioned by the CREESA team in 2015.

In addition to this, there is a 100kW 2nd life EV battery test facility, and an industrial partner-owned 800kW, 1MWh lead acid battery for comparative studies. An H2020 funded project is currently in progress that will see Europe’s largest grid connected flywheel rated at 1MW / 20kWh being installed at the site later in 2018 by the CREESA team.

These unique assets offer a multitude of research opportunities, from the modelling and validation of large-scale battery cell behaviour, through to operational understanding for the supply of electrical grid services. The differing technologies at the facility support the wider research on whole energy system modelling through hardware-in- the-loop validation of hybrid energy storage.

More recently the facility has been set up as a test bed for Industry 4.0, in collaboration with industrial partners, for battery digitization research with reference to the Internet of Things and cloud computing. On the university campus there is significant laboratory space dedicated to energy storage research hosting the state-of- the art equipment to support researchers and industry in tackling the latest challenges.



The CREESA group recognises that the sum of the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. Great teamwork requires contribution, collaboration, co-operation, communication and commitment; this is encouraged and demanded throughout the group.


Our people are key to enabling success. From the dynamism of the leadership team to the boundless energy, commitment and enthusiasm of our Post Graduate Researchers and Research Associates. Being a part of CREESA means belonging. The strength of the group is each individual member, the strength of each member is the group.

The group currently has 27 personnel 

consisting of 4 academics,  6 Research Associates, 14 Post Graduate Researchers and 3 support staff.




One of our key research streams focusses on the use of battery cells, whether they are combined into their hundreds to produce an EV battery pack, or connected in their tens of thousands to provide storage for supporting the National Electrical Grid.


At the cell level, researchers in the centre develop models and novel algorithms to estimate their current health and to predict their future behaviour. This leads into work at the pack level, understanding how the cells interact, and how the pack can be designed to optimise for manufacture, test,
monitoring and thermal management.


Our research has genuine global reach and spans across multiple areas including aerospace, automotive, rail, grid and mobile devices.  

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