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What does the
Energy Storage CDT 
Involve ?

Background Overview


The EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training (CDT) in Energy Storage and it's Applications was initiated when George Osborne announced £500m would be invested in Centres for Doctoral Training that would inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers, ensuring Britain leads the World in high-tech research and manufacturing. 


The only CDT in Energy Storage in the UK, jointly delivered at the Universities of Sheffield and Southampton.  £10m operating cost from 2014 - 2022.  The CDT has joint funding:

  • £4m research grant from EPSRC UK Government (BIS now BEIS)

  • £2m external project sponsorship

  • £4m university partners

  • 50 PhD students during the first 4 years from UK, EU and internationally.


Year 1

Masters Programme Energy Storage

4 Week Mini Project

15 Week Summer


Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

Doctoral Programme

3 Year PhD Project

Programme Outline


Students undertake a Masters level training programme in year 1, followed by a 3 year PhD project. The Masters programme is 180 credits, all modules are compulsory, and must be passed to progress to the PhD project phase of the programme. Semester 1 is mainly 'taught' and semester 2 is mainly 'research' biased, with a 4 week duration individual Mini Project around Easter, and a 15 week duration Summer Project from June through to September. We aim to allocate our students to a PhD project in their topic of interest around Easter of the first year. 

Year 1 Modules

  • Introduction to Energy Technologies, Environment and Sustainability

  • Global Energy Systems

  • Fundamentals of Energy Storage

  • Social Science of Energy Storage

  • Mini Project

  • Energy Storage Applications

  • Summer Project

  • Professional Skills Training


Why sponsor?


Sponsoring a student is an ideal opportunity for your company to be involved in creating and driving a research project tailored to your own company's development needs, with access to world class research facilities and experts in energy storage. 

  • It's a cost effective way for companies to get involved in relevant leading edge research which most companies would not have the funding, expertise or equipment to undertake alone.

  • The research project is based on a proposal from the sponsoring company, so the research is of real technical and commercial significance.

  • Our students are graduates who possess excellent academic track records and are highly committed to solving real world research problems, who are given excellent broad energy storage and professional skills training - an excellent asset to the sponsor.

  • Through the Centre your organisation will have access to world-leading expertise in energy storage and start-of-the-art equipment at both Universities, and will be part of an extended network of EPSRC sponsored Doctoral Training Centres in the UK.

Added value

Projects receive significant funding from the EPSRC and the Universities, with sponsors contributing c. 25% of total project costs.

  • Sponsors are likely to be eligible for R & D tax credit for return of 25% of their sponsorship cost. 

  • Sponsors that can offer a project early in the academic year can participate in student allocation from the cohort, and benefit from the student being able to undertake project related research during their training year.  

What will it cost?


A PhD can cost in the region of £150,000 - £250,000 in total. Typical sponsorship for a CDT student is £43,200 over the project term, hence the majority of costs are funded by the ESPRC and the Universities. Sponsors can also recover 25% of their contribution via Research and Development tax credits.  

Interested? - What should you do next?

If you are looking to engage with CREESA, or you have already done so and you wish to know more about the Energy Storage CDT, please use the contact form at the bottom of the 'Home Page' (Link Below) to get in touch explaining what you would like to discuss and one of our team will get back to you.

From there, if the Energy Storage CDT is a good fit for you, your employee and / or your company, we'll put you in touch with the manager of the programme.