Brief Overview


The Centre for Research in to Electrical Energy Storage and Applications (CREESA) is one of the UK's leading research centres on all aspects of electrical energy storage and industrial applications.  The CREESA group has a range of facilities and expertise, and as the group expands in numbers, our expertise continues to broaden.  We have involvement in Grid-connected energy storage, both distributed and centralised, micro grid energy storage, automotive (EVs, HEVs, powertrain and power conversion, vehicle to grid (V2G) technologies including wireless power transfer, reuse and repurposing of battery packs for second life applications, hybrid energy storage systems (HS2G) and rail including line side and vehicle to rail (V2R).

Our Facilities

CREESA hosts the UK's only research-led large scale energy storage test facility with a soon to be expanded 1200sqm of land, an 11kV connection with a capacity of 5MW at a remote site.  The flagship facility on the site is a £3.8M lithium titanate 2MW/1MWh grid connected energy storage demonstrator, built and commissioned by the CREESA team in 2015.  More recently, this facility has been set up as a test bed for Industry 4.0, and in collaboration with industrial partners, is used for battery digitisation research with reference to the Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud computing.  On the university campus, there is over 500sqm of laboratory space dedicated to energy storage research hosting state-of-the-art equipment to support researchers and industry in tackling the latest challenges.

Our laboratory facilities include:


  • Accelerating Rate Calorimeter and Environment Chambers

  • Micro grid with 80kVA genset, 200kVA inverters

  • 250kW 500V/500A Battery Cycler

  • 5 x 32kW Bi-directional Battery Cyclers (100V/600V)

  • Over 150 cell testing channels 

  • Rapid PRBS Impedance Spectroscopy Testing

  • Wide Bandwidth High Frequency Battery Profilers

  • Impedance Spectroscopy Instruments

  • Thermal Imaging

  • Opal-RT Real-Time Digital Simulator

Our Expertise

Our expertise within CREESA includes:

  • Static and mobile electrochemical storage applications including advanced State of Charge (SoC) and State of Health (SoH) monitoring and estimation on battery packs

  • Construction of advanced Battery Management Systems (BMS's)

  • EV powertrain research and design, including the operation of second life EV packs within grid support applications

  • Large scale battery testing from <1mW through to >2MW

  • Power conversion AC/DC, DC?DC, Bi-directional resonant converters, wireless power transfer

  • Chemistry agnostic and work with a number of companies with novel technologies


Below are some of the partners we are currently working with

“ OXTO Energy is a flywheel energy storage developer looking to break into the UK market.  We have had a great experience working with the University of Sheffield over the last year to develop a first-of-a-kind energy storage project and look forward to continuing this relationship and collaboration in the future. ”

Lewis Gardiner, Oxto Energy

“It has been a pleasure working with Sheffield University on research into improving the longevity of our battery packs, which are used in a high stress environment on a daily basis. This research is key to understanding factors that affect our business in a fundamental way. The CREESA team put effort into properly understanding our use cases and worked closely with us to help design the research appropriately. We are excited to collaborate further with the university to develop specialised knowledge that further unlocks energy access for the planets 1.3 billion who live off the power grid.”

Chris Longbottom, Technical Director, Mobile Power